Education resources

ScOT is integrated within many education resource supply chains. ScOT captures terminology as resources are developed, catalogued and published. Feedback from content curators is a valuable source of literary warrant for new ScOT concepts and terminology.

Organising frameworks

Close alignment with curriculum frameworks and educational classifications is maintained by the ScOT service. ScOT is informed by detailed analysis of all Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions and New Zealand Curriculum Achievement Objectives. ScOT also aligns with statistical classifications and code sets relevant to the school education sector.

User language

Search terms do not always reflect the terminology used in publications or frameworks. School education sector is no different: teachers, students and others in school communities use different search terms to find similar resources. ScOT captures search behaviour in systems, forums, and invites feedback from user communities.


Teachers, students, librarians and others in the school sector can contribute to the ongoing quality and relevance of ScOT. Send suggestions about new terms or changes to existing terms to: Stay up to date with draft changes and other news on the ScOT blog.