Australian Curriculum

ScOT is used to describe the Australian Curriculum. Tagging the Australian Curriculum with ScOT terms links the curriculum Content descriptions to digital curriculum resources. Access Australian Curriculum elements:

National Online Learning Services (NOLS)

NOLS (formally NDLRN) uses ScOT terms to provide subject access to digital curriculum resources. Within the ANZ-LOM metadata application profile, ScOT terms are stored in the classification element.

The ScOT hierarchy is used as a structure for browsing digital curriculum resources in content and learning management systems. For example, ScOT terms are the basis for vertical navigation, breadcrumb and "A-Z" features in Scootle.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

SCIS provides catalogue records to most school libraries in Australia and New Zealand. SCIS records are enhanced by inclusion of ScOT terms in the MARC 650 field. Find out more about SCIS.