Standards for ScOT development are:

  • niso logoANSI/NISO Z39.19 Guidelines for the construction, format and display of monolingual controlled vocabularies
  • skos logo Simple Knowledge Organization System - A Semantic Web standard commonly used to relate vocabulary concepts within RDF.


All major metadata standards support use of controlled vocabularies. Metadata standards that support use of ScOT include:

  • ANZ-LOM metadata application profile supports use of ScOT in the Classification element. ANZ-LOM is a regional implementation of IEEE LOM.
  • ScOT and SCIS vocabularies are registered classifications with MARC 21 relators. SCIS procedures support ScOT use within the Subject (650) element.

ScOT versions are released for use in a range of systems and data transfer formats.

See also our page for cataloguing and indexing.