Schools face new challenges and opportunities for integrating vocabulary services within collection and discovery systems. ScOT is designed to meet such challenges. Since 2004, ScOT has provided thesaurus solutions that align with education resource collections and user behaviour. ScOT terms are also aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Thesauruses have the potential to improve information management within large organisations. They can be used within content management systems, search engines or tagging systems.

See Search scenarios and Maintenance for ideas that can be used to address broadly defined use cases.


ScOT data can be accessed via the ScOT SPARQL Endpoint. To construct HTTP requests read the guideline for Web Services based on the SPARQL Endpoint. Information about SPARQL Clients is also available.

Sample SPARQL 1.1 queries are provided to support common use cases, including collection search enhancement and maintenance. Common cases include:

  • Faceted search - expanding user queries to retrieve items tagged with narrower concepts
  • Curriculum connect - linking collections tagged with ScOT to machine-readable curriculum
  • synonym matching, or 'did you mean?'
  • Vertical navigation, or 'left-hand browse'
  • Updating changed concept labels
  • Deprecated and authorised replacement concepts


Data can be accessed as a whole vocabulary file at the Download page.